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1973 * in Constance / Germany.


Study of visual art, sculpture and installation at the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin.


Erasmus scholarship at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts Marseille, France.


Life and work between Berlin and Hamburg.


Move to Hamburg. Practice in various artist-run spaces in Hamburg.


Artist-in-residence at the art foundation 'Mecklenburgisches Schloss Plueschow'


Artist-in-residence at the Programme of the ACC Gallery and the City of Weimar


Residency at the art foundation 'Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen'

INITIATION II // Co-Curation and exhibition setup of the jewellery group show at 'Sieraad International Art Fair' Amsterdam.
Foundation with Loukia Richards of the Artist-In-Residence platform LEAVE YOUR CRISIS IN GREECE in Athens - Greece.
TRASH & TREASURES // Jewellery group exhibition at Wagner Preziosen Berlin.
ONE ARTIST A WEEK // Co-curation with Loukia Richards: Artist In Residence exhibition series at Cine Trianon. Collaboration with the 'Victoria Square Project' at Documenta 14 Athens.
OPEN STUDIO // Exhibition at 'Augo Avgo' Gallery, Leonidio - Greece.
KOMPLIZEN // Group exhibition at Galerie Hermsen, Wiesbaden.
INITIATION I // Co-curation and participation in the jewellery group show at 'Munich Jewellery Week'. Florian Trampler Gallery.
MANDALALAS // Group show at Schichtwechsel Gallery Hamburg.

Co-curation of the jewellery show "Myths 2016" at Sieraad Jewellery Art Fair, Amsterdam.
TAROT MOEBLING // Interactive performance show at 2025 e.V. Hamburg.
MAGIC JEWELLERY // workshop at Altes Museum, Berlin.
ZLR BETRIEBSIMPERIUM GOES GRASSI // Jewellery object presentation at Grassimesse Leipzig.
ARCHAIC LANDSCAPES // Group exhibition at "Augo Avgo" art space, Leonidio/Greece.
COLLECTIVE IDENTITY // Drawings. Exhibition at "Greskewitz & Kleinitz" gallery, Hamburg.
TEST DRIVE // Mobile jewellery art project. Curatory work and exhibition in a caravan at "Munich Jewellery Week" in Munich.
WORK IN PROGRESS // Drawing & Installation. Curatory work and exhibition at "Aygo Abgo" showroom in Leonidio/Greece.

DIALOGUE WITH ZEN // Drawings & Photography. Curatory work and exhibition at "Zen Center Athens", Athens.
MYTHS // Jewellery art exhibition. Curatory work and exhibition setup at "Sieraad" jewellery art fair in Amsterdam.
THE GAME // Photography. Curatory work and exhibition at "Aygo Abgo" showroom in Leonidio/Greece.
TO PARALOGO // Moebling performance at the opening of "Syn Apeiro's" design school annual exhibition.
TWISTED // Photography. Curatory work and exhibition at "Aygo Abgo" showroom in Leonidio/Greece.
AFFORDABLE ART & DESIGN // Moebling Mandalas. Exhibition at "Papenhuder 57" gallery, Hamburg.

TAROT MOEBLING // Public Performance with Loukia Richards at the exhibition space 2025 e.V., Hamburg
ODYSSEY // Art-interaction-workshop at the "Schule am See"in Hamburg. Cooperation with artist Loukia Richards for the Kulturagenten programme.

FRITZ MEETS GREECE // Moebling performance at the opening of "Myths/Mythen" (Part I) in Funck[]Raum Gallery, Berlin.
MOEBLING-MANDALA // Exhihibition "Mandalas". 'frappant e.V.', Hamburg.

KAUFKRAFT CITY // Shop window presentation during the 'Altonale', Hamburg.

EUROTRAINER // Part of the exhibition project "Mystique", Magdeburg.

ZLR PRESENTS ZLR // Co-exhibition with Loukia Richards at 'Entwurf Direkt' store, Hamburg.

CAMPING // Performative installation at the Gauloises 'Varieté Liberté', Hamburg.
THE UTOPIAN INSTITUTE GOES HORIZONTAL // Installation in the 'Open Museum' at the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

AGORA // Group exhibition at the 'frappant e.V.', Hamburg.
KIOSK // Performative installation in the public space. Part of the art project "KIOSKfree", Munich.
XL // Group show at the 'Nachtspeicher 23', Hamburg.
WIND MACHINE // Presentation the art foundation 'Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen', Muenster.

252W // Installation at the group show "Bunte Hunde" in the KuBasta art space, Hamburg
THE UTOPIAN INSTITUTE_LEIPZIG // Performative installation at the Kunst- verein Leipzig in the context of the public space project "Platte, Schraube, Fuge".
A LIVING ROOM EXPERIMENT // Performance within the group show "Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten" in the Frappant gallery space.

ONLY YOU // Interactive sound installation. Part of the "Walk Of Fame” group show, Hamburg.
TRANSFORMATOR // Light object presented at the 'Ostrale 2009' art festival in Dresden.
URBS // Cardboard model installation. Presentation of the candidates for the Hamburg Working Grant 2010 in the Kunsthaus Hamburg.

S O S - Orakel // Collaboration with fellow artists from Berlin. Interactive public performance in the 'Elektrohaus', Hamburg
ALPHAVILLE // Installation at the "SKAMment" group show, Hamburg.

DISCO DISCO // Kinetic installation at the "BLOCKBAU BLEIBT!"-festival, Hamburg.
SILBERMOND - SILVERMOON // Video & light installation at the 'Elektrohaus' group show, Hamburg.

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK // Sound installation. Part of the group show "Attention" at 'Club 103', Berlin.
JUBELBOX - ELATION-BOX // Sound and light installation. Group show "Heimspiel" at the NGBK, Berlin.
DISPLAY // Cooperation with artist Philip Wiegard for "On The Road" in the Hinterconti gallery , Hamburg.

W..WIR WISSEN / W..WE KNOW // Collaborative art project in the 'Kunsthalle Exnergasse', Vienna. Six week-long performative transformation of the exhibition space.
GHETTOBLASTER // Outdoor installation. Cooperation with artist Philip Wiegard at the group show "Knaeckebrot" at the Laura Mars gallery, Berlin.

Participation at the SELBA-HAUS-project. Open platform and working space for workshops, discussions and space experiments. Campus of the University of Arts in Berlin.

SALANG-SALANG // Exhibition at the international sculpture symposium in Wuensdorf / Berlin.


BETWEEN CHAIRS // Moebling photo portraits and performance. Exhibition in Cinema Trianon as part of the exhibition series "One Artists A Week", Athens.

THE GAME // Photography and graphical works. Exhibition at 'Aygo Abgo', Leonidio/Greece.

FRITZ AND THE MYTHS // Moebling performance at the opening of "Myths/ Mythen" in Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg.

FRITZ MEETS GREECE // Moebling performance at the opening of "Myths/ Mythen" at funck[]raum Berlin.
MOEBLING WORKSHOP // Performance workshop at the 'Thikwa Theater', Berlin.
UTOPIAN INSTITUTE_DESSAU // Installation project in the public space of Dessau. Cooperation with the 'Umweltbundesamt Dessau'.

THE UTOPIAN INSTITUTE_HAMBURG // Performative installation during the 'Open Museum' project at the Kunsthalle Hamburg.
THE UTOPIAN INSTITUTE_ALTONA // Installation project in cooperation with the City Development Bureau (STEG), Hamburg.

BEYOND DESIRE // Retrospective in the ACC Gallery in Weimar.
THE UTOPIAN INSTITUTE_SKOPJE // Performative installation in the context of the public art project "Private - Public" in Skopje/Macedonia.

THE UTOPIAN INSTITUTE_WEIMAR // Performative installation project within the AIR program of the 'ACC Gallery' and the City of Weimar.
MOEBLING // Performance at the 'Kuenstlerhaus Weimar'.

CAMP EXODUS // Performative architecture at "Wunderland", a public space project of the 'Skulpturenpark 2009', Berlin.

ARAL CITY ULTIMATE PLUS // Solo show at the 'Walk of Fame' gallery, Hamburg.
STANIOLTEMPEL // Solo exhibition with sculptures and light objects at the 'SkAM' gallery space, Hamburg.

SOLO IN THE GALLEY // Performative architecture in the 'trottoir' gallery, Hamburg.
RAIN MACHINE // installation at the 'Elektrohaus' gallery, Hamburg.
TRASH HOUSE // Outdoor installation at the 'Wendenstrasse' art & music festival, Hamburg.

Stage design for "Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung" (stage play by Oedoen von Horvath) interpretated by Saskia Junggeburth at the 'Hamburger Botschaft', Hamburg.
INSTALLATION FOR A MIXED SALAT // Vegetable growth installation at the 'basso' project space, Berlin.

INVESTMENT NICHE // Sound installation at a former 'Berliner Bank' building, Berlin.

BOX IN A BOX // Installation in the studio space of the École des Beaux-Arts, Marseille.
EMERGENCY-EXIT // Instalaltion at the artist-run space 'L'age d'or', Berlin.
SIDEWALKS // Series of carboard sculptures in the urban space. Various cities, like Marseille, Berlin, Barcelona, Sevilla, Hamburg. 2004-09.

KIOSK // Outdoor assemblage in the artist's house yard, Berlin.